You only know a good thing when it’s gone and so we bring it back: the Good Ol’ HESSENMOB Times. Opening the Line of Classic Hessenmob Re-issue Graphics is a series of “MetroMob” Decks. The idea behind the “MetroMob” series was, to find an artist from a city and make him portray his city on a board graphic. Most “MetroMob” decks came with a printed “MobMap” shrink-wrapped with the deck guiding the skater to the spots of that city because back in 2001 no one had the whole world in his pocket yet.

So, here’s what we’re having now: the “MÜHLHEIM” Deck by Helge Schneider (OG Release 2001), the “SAN FRANCISCO” Deck by Ian Johnson (OG Release 2006) and the “PARIS” Deck by Nikolas Malinowsky (OG Release 2006). No “MobMaps” included with these Decks but we brought the shapes up to date.

The Kids Are All Ride | MOB Skateboards from MOB Skateboards on Vimeo.



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