SKROOM – The Original Skateboard Broom

For Generations, Skateboarders have had the same problem and the same excuse: No Broom. The reason for that is pretty obvious: who carries a Broom around anyway? It’s awkward and bulky. Still, Skateboarders more than often wish they had a broom at hand especially when they get to the spot they want to skate and find the flatground covered with pebbles, leaves and other debris. Every Skateboarder knows who wins in the battle fought between a Skater and a Pebble. We all know the horrible screeching sound it makes when it gets stuck under your wheel and sends you flying without Warning.

Well, from now on your only excuse will have to be, that you didn’t SKROOM it. The SKROOM is a carry-on broom which transforms your Skateboard into a broomstick. Its assembly is quick and easy and once the job of sweeping is done it can be stored in its carry-on bag in your backpack. If you don’t know why you would need such a thing, get out of the indoor Skatepark and into the Streets. It’s a dirty Dancefloor.


In a nutshell, the SKROOM Features are:
• Turns your Skateboard into a Broom
• Quick and Easy Assembly
• Includes a Carry-On Bag
• Handmade in Germany

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