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Life’s a Circle.

LIFECIRCLE Decks with Graphics by Joan Alturo on SCHMITT STIX Decks are now being served where Quality Stuntwood is sold. LIFECIRCLE “Chess” Deck | 8.25″ | #PSSTIX Deck LIFECIRCLE “Capsule” Deck | 8.5″ | #PSSTIX Deck LIFECIRCLE “Time” Deck | 8.125″ | #PSSTIX Deck View all available MOB Skateboards at www.weareokay.eu


Welcome to SKELETOWN

In Collaboration with french artist DENIS CARRIER/Studiofolk, we present to you a limited run of MOB Skateboards “SKELETOWN” Decks. Available in 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.375″ & 8.5″ each deck comes witch a hand-numbered Zine by the artist. Book your Halloween Ride now! The “SKELETOWN Red” Deck is available in 8.25″ & 8.375″. The “SKELETOWN Blue” Deck…



ALL RIGHTS REVERSED 2018. THE MOB STUNTWOOD COMPANY. Made with Voll Bock. Established since Never.

Distributed worldwide by the OKAY Skateboard Distribution | www.weareokay.eu